The VW Beetle May Pick Up Guys

It appears that we’ve been doing a lot of talking about VW in general over the last month and maybe rightfully so with all of the changes coming down the way.  Specifically, the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle and it’s drastic changes that it has in store for Beetle fans and how it’s about to change the demographic that has followed it for years.

Overwhelmingly, VW has seen a shift of interest in the vehicle by men. When most men saw a Beetle on the road, they would tun to see how cute the girl was that was driving it. now there’s an added, “Hey, I wouldn’t mind driving that car.”

The changes haven’t appeared to upset Beetle purists who almost seem to welcome to he new changes even though it has moved a pretty good distance away from a design perspective. Trading in its more bulbous look for a more squashed version, added sporty touches and tons of comfort features on the inside.

When it finally comes to market full swing, will the sales match up with the studies? Will men embrace these vehicles or will women continue to dominate the Beetle? Where do you stand?

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