Audi To Build Indoor Track at Frankfurt Auto Show

The auto industry has always been extremely competitive, but sometimes it gets a little out of hand. Back in 2009, BMW created an indoor track at the Frankfurt International Motor Show which proved to be marketing genius, but unknown whether it was a profitable venture.  This year, Audi is planning on the same indoor track idea where it will spend in excess of $14.3 million dollars to create a indoor track that will circumference the Frankfurt event, but is the value there?

The plan certainly raises a lot of questions. Is this smart usage of millions of dollars for Audi? Can the track be reused? Where do they plan to recoup this money? Is it viewed by people as a copycat to what BMW did previously? Or will this be done on such a grandiose level that Audi will outshine everyone at the show?

The truth is that Audi is in a heated battle with BMW and Mercedes Benz to be the premier luxury auto builder and one can only imagine that Audi vehicles continually driving around the event will keep them in everyone’s minds during the entire motor show as the engines roar from all corners of the event.

Audi has pledged to unseat BMW as the top luxury car maker by 2015 and this will truly be their first marketing step in doing just that. While many argue that Audi will have a tough time justifying the expense, Audi seems deadset that it will give them the visual edge they need to switch focus to them over BMW and Benz.

Meanwhile, Audi dealerships in the states won’t see any increase in traffic, but the wave that starts overseas could find its way to the shores if it goes as Audi plans. Regardless, there are mixed reviews on the impact this will have on Audi’s future. Where do your thoughts lie?

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