Mitsubishi Outlander Drives on Death Road

2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Death Road Test DriveMitsubishi has never been one to shy away from danger or going out of their way to prove a point and this time isn’t any different. Many months back, some may remember that Mitsubishi broke a few world records in freezing temperatures to prove the durability of their vehicles. Now the carmaker wants to further prove their worth by taking the 2011 Outlander and Outlander Sport onto the “Road of Death” that claims 200-300 lives every year in order to show just how effective its All Wheel Control (AWC) vehicles are.

Taking the 2 vehicles into the Andes Mountains in South America, the vehicles were equipped with 360 degree cameras that captured every death defying angle showing off how the vehicles hugged the guardrail-less corners, gripped the foundation of sliding gravel under the tires, clung to the rain drenched mud roads, and gave everyone heartattacks. You can view the Youtube clip below, see the entire experiment at or simply save yourself a coronary and head to your local Atlanta Mitsubishi dealer and take one for a test drive yourself on the tamer Atlanta roads. Well, not too much tamer..

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