Mitsubishi Sending 500 i-MiEV’s to Estonia

Mitsubishi i-MiEVMitsubishi has an uphill battle in the electric vehicle arena, but they just received a great sales boost courtesy of the Estonian government. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced today that their new generation electric vehicle, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, has been adopted by the Estonian Government.  Estonia ordered 507 units i-MiEV’s which is the largest order for the vehicle that MMC has ever received since they began selling the electric car.  It also marks the first order in support of the Green Investment Scheme (GIS).

This provision between Mitsubishi and the Estonian Government is to purchase 10 million tons of emissions rights.  The Estonian government plans to use these i-MiEVs in public facilities (such as social welfare) to help promote the use of electric vehicles throughout Estonia.  The Estonian Government expects to utilize i-MiEV for CO2 reductions in the country since the i-MiEV boasts zero emissions.  Mitsubishi will also assist Estonia in monitoring the CO2 reductions from the  507 units that will be shipped to Estonia by end of fiscal 2011.

i-MiEV first went on sale in July 2009 to fleet customers and for individual customers in April 2010 in Japan.  The i-MiEV has received plenty of accolades for its high environmental performances, quietness, comfortable ride and dynamic performance.  Mitsubishi then expanded its sales to Hong Kong, Australia and Europe and will start its sales in Canada and the United States this fall.

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