Audi Makes Bulletproof Car in 2011

Photo courtesy of Torque newsThere’s a market for everything and when you attain notoriety, get overly-cautious, make it in the rap industry, or simply have numerous enemies, you can rest assured that Audi will have your back.   While no price points have been mentioned, Audi announced that it is releasing the Audi A8 L Security vehicle comes with serious defense complete with bulletproof glass, and even German government ballistics certified  bullet resistant body tested in Munich to be in compliance with the class VR 7 ballistic protection standard.

The Audi A8 is considered a luxury sedan that comes in at over 17 feet long with the W12 engine and aluminum production body that was constructed at the Neckarsulm plant utilizing the Audi space frame principle.  It also has side windows, windshield and rear window all made from a special glass that has a polycarbonate coating on the inside to prevent shattering in pieces.

Even the tires are designed to continue to operate even if you’re under attack or gunfire.  The A8 uses 19-inch forged wheels featuring a semipolished, two-tone finish with specially sized 255/720 tires that have a high load index of 117 and even synthetic rings on the rims allow the vehicle to continue traveling at almost 50mph even after a malfunction has occurred.

So if your primary concern is safety, keep an eye on your local Audi dealership for the Audi A8 L Security.

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