European VW Pulls Plug on 1.4L Twincharger

The states have yet to see this, but in Europe, they have a 1.4L “twincharger” engine that is available in a lot of the European VW offerings like the VW Polo and VW Scirocco.  The engine mixes turbocharging and supercharging, but Volkswagen insiders say that the engine is way too complex to manufacture and is proving too costly. 

To replace it, engineers at Volkswagen have stated that the new turbocharging technology they’re using can offer the same results at a much reduced cost.  That’s kind of sad news, since the states have yet to even see the famed engine that won the coveted Engine of the Year award in both 2009 and 2010 and that was described as a “masterstroke of downsizing technology and a real engineering showcase”.   However, it may be for the better since car buyer’s are super finicky about pricing in the states.  Guess we’ll see what the new batch has to offer. Keep an eye on Jim Ellis VW in Atlanta and Jim Ellis VW in Marietta for more surprises througout the year.

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