Jim Ellis Dealerships are Ask Patty Certified

Ask Patty Certified

I’m sure you’ve seen press releases and notes on Twitter and Facebook recently about the Ask Patty certifications at all of the Jim Ellis dealerships. I wanted to take a few moments and explain why we made the effort to train all of our personnel in the Ask Patty Program, and what it means for our customers.

At Jim Ellis, we have always believed that every customer deserved top-notch service and care. But we recognize that the automotive industry as a whole hasn’t always treated women quite so fairly.  We know all of the stereotypes, and we do our best to dispel them in our everyday interactions with our customers.

However, in an industry that is so dependent upon the trust and referrals of our customers, sometimes it’s hard to make that point to people who have never heard of Jim Ellis.

That’s where the Ask Patty program comes in. We want our female customers to feel comfortable visiting our showrooms without feeling like they have to bring along a guy so they can get taken seriously.  By becoming Ask Patty certified, and by spreading the word about that certification, that’s what we’re hoping to acheive.

  1. Congratulations! On your certification and on recognizing that dealerships can make the experience more comfortable for women. I wish you much success with the AskPatty program. I am confident that your referral engine will become much stronger. I hope the word will cross the border into Canada quickly.

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