Jim Ellis Collision Center Now Porsche-Approved!

Porsche Approved Collision CenterThe Porsche Approved Collision Center Program was established to ensure that when a Porsche vehicle is involved in a collision that the exacting repair and reconstructive techniques and materials are used and that the Porsche owner’s “Porsche perfect” driving experience is not diminished.  

The Jim Ellis Collision Center was sponsored to participate in the Porsche Approved Collision Center Program by the team at Jim Ellis Porsche.  “I am very proud of our Collision Center team, led by Marc Sizemore in achieving the coveted Porsche Certification,” says Doug McIntyre, General Manager of Jim Ellis Porsche.  “We can now offer our Porsche customers the finest body repairs on their beloved vehicles.” 

Five of the technicians and three estimators on staff at the Jim Ellis Collision Center have attended the Porsche Academy training sessions over the past 14 months, often after a full shift or on Saturdays. “I am extremely proud of the dedication and commitment showed by our team,” says Marc Sizemore, Director of the Jim Ellis Collision Center. 

There are only twelve collision centers to have successfully completed this program.  Jim Ellis Collision Center is the first to be Porsche Approved in the state of Georgia, and one of three in the Eastern US.  Remarkably, it is only the second dealership shop to complete the program.

We are proud to say that the Jim Ellis Collision Center is the only dealer shop in the United States to become Audi Certified, Volkswagen Certified, and Porsche Certified.

“Our personnel recognize the challenges in repairing today’s automobiles, particularity Porsches,” says Sizemore.  “New safety standard ratings and fuel efficiency requirements are driving new materials and technology into today’s vehicles.  Only a collision center dedicated to new training and equipment can repair these vehicles correctly. Jim Ellis Collision Center is proud that Porsche has recognized our efforts.”

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