Happy Holidays from Jim Ellis

As we get ready to have company-wide holidays tomorrow and Friday to spend the Christmas holiday with our families, we wanted to send a note out to everyone to wish you a happy and safe holiday!

    • Melanie Pointer
    • January 19th, 2010

    Mr. Ellis, My name is Melanie Pointer. I have a son 25 yrs old that was in a car accident in 06 that left him paralyzed from the chest down. I had purchased an 03 Lexus that same year not knowing all the ins and outs of wheelchair life. Thanks be to God he is just now getting on with his life and is back in school studying nuclear med but it has been 3 yrs from hell. My husband and I are taking him back and forth to school while trying to maintain our household. My husband has a truck so he can he pick Matt up. I however have to break apart the wheelchair to fit in my car or if he is in the electric chair I cannot get him at all. I still owe on my car but desperately need an SUV. If you have anything available that wood not put me in debt more but could keep my payments about the same (400.) per mth it would be greatly appreciated. We have a friend who has offered to purchase Matt a vehicle and have it modified we are just waiting on Matt to make that move. I’ve rambled…sorry. Thanks for your time. Melanie Pointer

    • Hi Mrs. Pointer.

      This blog is managed by the Internet Marketing Department at Jim Ellis Automotive. While I’m not sure about pricing options, we do have options that are wheelchair accessible.

      I will send you an email with more information. To get you started, the specific website is VW Mobility.

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