Jim Ellis Embraces the Web to Better Reach Customers

We here at Jim Ellis strive to reach our customers where they are – whether that means testing out new internet innovations like eBay promotions,  or ensuring that all of our websites are able to be accessed via mobile phone.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m accessible directly via Twitter, and I try to keep an eye out for customer comments there.  Most of the Jim Ellis stores are on Facebook, as well, and our customer service reads the reviews on sites like Kudzu and Yelp, and tries to get to the bottom of any issues that may have left our customers dissatisfied, or commend any employees mentioned directly in our customer’s posts.

So, our latest press release about our online activities shouldn’t come as a surprise to many of you. Heck, this blog is an example of that! 

We have taken a close look at the competition in the Atlanta area, and some of them are offering a few of the ways we provide for our customers to get in touch with us, but none of them are offering all of those avenues to speak and be heard, to ask questions and get honest answers.

From instant messaging when our sales, service and parts employees are online, to a real live person to answer the phone when you call, Jim Ellis believes in treating everyone with the individual attention and respect they deserve.

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