Customer Experience: Purchasing an Audi A4

Today’s blog post is written by Alana Edmunds, “Chief Blogging Officer” at a Fortune 5 company. She wanted to share with everyone her experience of car shopping, and ultimately car purchasing. I follow her on Twitter at @amedmunds.

At 22, I bought my first car. To some, that’s early- others may think it’s late.

But in almost every case, it’s a purchase that involves a lot of work: reading magazines and blogs, checking competitor’s prices, dealership reviews, asking friends, and of course, visiting dealerships.

My story starts with the internet (no shock there, I’m techy), where I was led to a few websites advertising certified-pre-owned Audis in the greater Atlanta area. Interested, the information on the sites led me to a particular dealership, where my experience was nothing to blog about (seriously).

My time at the first dealership led me to call Jim Ellis Audi while I was still sitting in the parking lot of the competitor. I explained my situation to the salesman who answered — what I was looking for, how I was being treated at the competitor, and that I was looking for someone to give me the “real deal” – because I believe buying a car should be a fun experience!

So I drove to Jim Ellis, and even though I wasn’t buying the R8 (but let’s be honest I would take it if they offered – hint, hint ) I had a great experience, leading me to purchase a 2007 Certified Pre-Owned Audi A4 (I’ve since named her Amelia.)

Looking back one year ago, my experiences at the two dealerships were worlds apart, similar to the way my life is structured at the moment. I’m in a leadership program where I move every six months – usually across the country.

Moving to a new state forces one to re-establish — new dentist, new hair stylist, and of course, a new place to go for car service. Although I am no longer located in Atlanta, I have called Jim Ellis’ service department in the past when I was unsure if another dealership was giving me a fair price on service.

I’m glad Alana was able to get the real deal at Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta, and that she knows she can rely on our expertise and customer service no matter where she moves to next with her work!

  1. Jim –

    Thanks so much for posting my story on your blog! Please send the best to your team at Jim Ellis Audi.

    PS I can take delivery of that R8 any day… haha

  2. good work

  1. November 9th, 2009
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