VW and Audi Service Action for Coils

Wrenches image taken by keyseeker on Morguefile.com

Wrenches image taken by keyseeker on Morguefile.com

Just wanted to post a quick note to all of our customers who own Volkswagens or Audis from themodel years 2001 – 2007.  Today, Volkswagen and Audi are going to announce a service action regarding those cars. 

There have been dedicated websites  created for owners of each make of car to describe the action, which parts are involved, and how this is going to work.    VW owners should check in at: www.vwcoils.com , while Audi owners should click on: www.audicoils.com.

We want to ensure that we have enough replacement parts in stock from the manufacturers to manage service requests for this action. This is why the manufacturers will be getting in touch with their customers directly when it comes time – over the next 13 months or so – for them to schedule a time with our service departments.    We will keep you updated as  we learn more, and are always here to answer any additional questions you might have.

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